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Rustic Charm

Rustic Charm

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Introducing the Rustic Charm Pendant Luminaire – a fusion of industrial aesthetics and vintage allure that transforms your space into a haven of warmth and character. Crafted with precision, this pendant light embodies the raw beauty of iron, creating an ambiance that speaks of both rugged elegance and timeless sophistication.

The Rustic Charm pendant light embraces simplicity in design and richness in ambiance. With its gracefully suspended form, it becomes a centerpiece that draws the eye and elevates the atmosphere of any room. Whether adorning a restaurant or illuminating your living room, it brings a touch of nostalgia and modernity in perfect harmony.

Elevate your living space with the Rustic Charm Pendant Luminaire, where industrial vibes meet vintage elegance. Illuminate your surroundings with this embodiment of simplistic beauty, and let it tell a story of authenticity that resonates with your style and sensibilities. Welcome a touch of history and modernity into your home, where each moment basks in the glow of Rustic Charm.

Product Information:

  • Frame Material: Durable Iron
  • Dimensions: As Depicted
  • Illuminated Area: 10-15 Square Meters 
  • Mounting: Surface Mounted
  • Light Source:  LED Bulbs
  • Voltage: 90-260V (with CE/CCC Certifications)
  • Suspension Wire: Freely Adjustable
  • Easy to Assemble

Customer Reviews

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Morris Labadie

The lamp material is quality, durable for the outside and I love the design! Easy to Assemble and order arrived on time.

Brant Bogan

Rustic Charm

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