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Introducing SolarBeam Wall Lamp, available in three different models to suit your specific lighting needs. Choose from the 90 LED, 118 LED, or 180 LED versions, each offering varying levels of brightness and coverage to illuminate your outdoor space effectively.

With the 90 LED model, enjoy ample illumination for smaller areas or pathways, providing sufficient light to enhance visibility and security. The 118 LED model offers increased brightness and coverage, ideal for medium-sized outdoor spaces such as gardens or front yards. For larger areas or heightened security needs, opt for the 180 LED model, which delivers maximum brightness and extensive coverage to illuminate even the largest outdoor environments.

Additionally, select models of SolarBeam Wall Lamp come with a convenient remote control feature, allowing you to adjust settings and customize your lighting experience with ease. With the remote-controlled option, you can effortlessly switch between different lighting modes, adjust brightness levels, and control the light from a distance, providing added convenience and flexibility.

Whether you choose the 90 LED, 118 LED, or 180 LED model, with or without remote control, SolarBeam Wall Lamp offers superior illumination and versatility for all your outdoor lighting requirements. Enhance the security, ambiance, and functionality of your outdoor space with SolarBeam Wall Lamp today.

Product Specification:

  • Body Material: ABS
  • Waterproof IP65
  • Proximity sensor
  • Lighting Area: 20-50 Square Meters
  • Light Source: LED bulbs


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Linnie Wilkinson


Domenick Sawayn

Pleased with the ease of installation and the motion detection effectiveness. The products brightness exceeded my expectations as the light is bright and clear and lights a wide area of my yard.

Chloe Schmeler

I like these on the dim/bright setting. The dim setting at night isn't any brighter than lights coming through your window so it's not a nuisance shining into my neighbors house or my back windows. The activated brightness nicely lights up the space.

Oral Schinner

I expected so so lighting but holy cow are they bright and I mean bright. They absolutely charged up because I purposely drain them almost completely just test the solar function. They see simply worth their weight in gold They get 7 stars from me

Louvenia Waelchi

They work, thought they would be a little more brighter but good enough the motion detection is great my cameras sees everything very clear if a car drives by they come on if a person walks by on my side of the street they come on so that's fantastic.

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