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Introducing Soterios: An Ode to Dazzling Opulence

Behold the grandeur of Soterios, a show-stopping chandelier that epitomizes unrivaled magnificence. A symphony of solid K9 Crystals, each thoughtfully placed, weaves a tale of unique artistry, adorning any interior with a mesmerizing look. Suspended from four tiers, the resplendent glass arrangement forms a captivating centerpiece, illuminating spaces with a sparkling dance of light.

Soterios exudes an air of sophistication, transforming any room into a realm of radiant brilliance. Whether gracing the dining table with its opulent glow or greeting guests in the hallway, it leaves an indelible impression, an ethereal spectacle that lingers in memory.

Crafted with precision, Soterios showcases a harmonious blend of Stainless Steel and Crystal, seamlessly marrying durability and elegance. Its LED bulbs, the epitome of energy efficiency, illuminate with a radiant aura, illuminating spaces in a captivating embrace.

Elevate your home with Soterios, an epitome of resplendent allure and exquisite craftsmanship. Let the cascading crystals weave their enchanting spell, creating a tapestry of light that captures hearts and souls. Embrace the magnificence of Soterios, where each glimmering crystal narrates a tale of luxury and sophistication, turning every moment into a luminous masterpiece.

Product Information:

  • Material: Stainless Steel, Crystal
  • Lighting Area: 10-25 square meters
  • Light Source: LED Bulbs
  • Voltage: 110-240V (with CE/CCC Certificates)
  • Suspension Wire: Freely Adjustable
  • Easy to Assemble

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Alyson Brown


Francesca Mraz

WOW just look amazing

Eliane Reynolds

Great Light

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