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SweepGlow MotionSense

SweepGlow MotionSense

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Introducing SweepGlow MotionSense - an innovative LED strip designed for ultimate convenience and flexibility. This adaptable lighting solution offers the freedom to be placed anywhere within your home, whether utilizing the USB power option or with its battery-powered functionality.

Available in various sizes - 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, and 5m - this LED strip caters to diverse spatial requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for any room or setting. Its portable nature enables effortless placement and rearrangement to suit your lighting needs at any given time.

With the unique motion sensor technology, SweepGlow MotionSense responds to hand sweeps or human motion, providing a hassle-free way to activate or adjust the lighting effortlessly. Whether it's for accentuating your TV area, adding ambiance to the kitchen, or enhancing room decor, this LED strip offers a versatile and dynamic lighting solution that adapts to your preferences with ease.

Product Information:

  • Lighting Area: 3-5 Square Meters
  • Installation: Surface Mounted
  • Light Source: LED Strip
  • Easy to Assemble


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Anna Malakhova
Only 3 stars…

Only 3 stars… because i ordered no usb access… and i recieved exacly usb…

Luigi Feeney

SweepGlow MotionSense

Juliet Kirlin

Shipping fast and good

Adolph Murray

Although the tape is only on one side wall and top, it illuminates the entire safe. Very strong light, sensitive sensor because it is enough to move the door slightly and I have the light on. The glue on the tape could be stronger, because despite the degreasing of the surface, it can gently peel off. In the photo, a lamp glued in the safe.
I recommend

Jaida Homenick

SweepGlow MotionSense

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