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Lampshade Color

Introducing the VersaGlow An Ode to Radiant Elegance, prepare to be enchanted by the VersaGlow, a symphony of sophistication and luminance that defines modern elegance.

✨ 3 Color Mode & Touch Control: Elevate your surroundings with a triad of enchanting dimming colors - the warm embrace of golden light, the pristine purity of cool white, and the timeless allure of neutral radiance. With the simple touch of a finger, seamlessly transition between these illuminating tones. For a truly bespoke luminous experience, a gentle long press atop this luminary allows you to select from three levels of brightness. At its gentlest setting, a soft, soothing glow envelops your space, a beckoning invitation to a night of tranquil slumber.

💡 Portable Wireless & Rechargeable Desk Lamp: Crafted for the discerning connoisseur of convenience, our VersaGlow boasts a built-in 1200mA battery, offering liberation from the tethers of power cables. Effortlessly recharge its vitality with the included USB charging cable. Whether adorning your bedside sanctuary or illuminating alfresco gatherings, its wireless grace is an affirmation of its adaptability. Elevate soirées, orchestrate intimate candlelit feasts, or embark on odysseys with this multifaceted color-transforming lamp, your ever-present companion for every occasion.

🌟 Metal Lamp Body Design: The VersaGlow draws inspiration from the timeless allure of wrought iron craftsmanship. Its minimalist contours exude a contemporary grace that harmonizes seamlessly with your curated decor. The exquisite metal lampshade, resplendent in its smooth, polished surface, emanates an aura of opulence, enhancing the ambiance of your living spaces and boudoirs. Revel in the embrace of warm radiance that emanates from this masterpiece, forging a haven of comfort and romance.

🌐 Wide Utility & Exquisite Gifting: The VersaGlow transcends boundaries, gracing a diverse array of settings - from your inner sanctum and workspace to chic enclaves and fine dining establishments. It effortlessly assimilates into bedrooms, dining chambers, coffee alcoves, living salons, and culinary domains, infusing them with an air of refinement. As an exquisite gift for cherished ones on celebratory occasions such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, the VersaGlow is a testament to your impeccable taste and gratitude.

Embrace the epitome of modern illumination and make a profound statement with the VersaGlow. Your environment, your style, your legacy of elegance.

Product Information:

  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Product Dimensions: As Pictures
  • Lighting Area: 3-5 Square Meters
  • Temperature of Color: Dimmable
  • Light Source: LED
  • Voltage: 5V (with CE/CCC Certificates)

                Customer Reviews

                Based on 16 reviews
                Gordon Rippin

                Very simple, but charming. Extraordinarily cheap.

                Kavon Thompson

                Very happy with this brightness. It's not too bright and I really like it.

                Fanny Rogahn

                Very good. The quality is much better than I thought it would be. Worth buying.

                Cordia Gorczany

                Very good. Recommend this product.

                Cali Fay

                Very happy with it, the light is soft not harsh. Lighting ambiance is very nice. Recommended.

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